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Business Solutions through Appreciating & Bridging Differences

Putting people first results in meeting and exceeding goals for innovation and performance.


C-Suite / Senior Leadership

Our Services
Executive Commitment

Essential demonstration of commitment to inclusion and modeling a people orientation that produces bottom-line results. Translating good intentions into day-to-day leadership actions.

Strategic Planning

Establish a plan to close the gap between your organization’s current status and strategic goals. 

Inclusive Leadership Development

Developing leaders with diversity as a measure, and inclusion as a skill. Experiencing the full value of each individual and creating an environment for all to contribute. 

Organizational Development


Orient more accurately to your business environment. Identify strengths and opportunities in areas of leadership commitment, inclusive work environment, people practices, business impact and the valuing of differences in day-to-day work to meet maximum innovation goals. Establish baselines and benchmarks for tracking performance.


Learning about individual and group dynamics that will excel collaboration, partnerships internally and externally, and propel creativity. Providing opportunities for 
employees to experience strategic work style adjustments in decision-making, problem-solving, and aims toward business growth.

Ongoing Advising & Consulting

Supporting a diverse and inclusive culture that fuels maximum outputs and performance requires ongoing attention– particularly as both talent and business dynamics evolve over time. 


commitment and action.


Experience the competence, comfort, and confidence of leaders to lead in an inclusive way.  This enhances their capability to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion.



leaders to better support people.


Demonstrate vividly and meaningfully the organization's commitment to building a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace.


to create a climate of performance.


Close the gap between your organization's current status and your strategic goals to achieve the dynamic culture that results from people inclusion.

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What are your people + business goals?

Together, we will generate a sense of belonging to bring meaningful results, measurable outcomes and sustainable change. Deliver strategic planning and leadership development to support and sustain a more diverse workforce and inclusive workplace, marked by deep innovation adding value to customers. 


"Pontem"is the Latin word for "bridge." 
Pontem Works bridges strategies and 
goals with people 
to meet and exceed aims for business innovation and performance.

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